Free Kids Adventure Storybook (Worth £12.99)

Free Kids Adventure Storybook (Worth £12.99)

At beans&sparks you can get your first personalised kids storybook for FREE! All you need to do is pay £1.99 for postage and packaging.

To claim, click on “GET FREEBIE”, enter your child’s name on their website, click ‘start’, then follow the instructions to personalise the character to look like your child!

If you do not wish to continue the subscription, you may cancel at any time. Limited to one book per household.

About the book:

Rolling, Shaping, Stacking – Built! is an uplifting tale of friendship, teamwork and scientific discovery!

This inspiring story explores the wonders of shape and form, and we learn that building things with no plan in place can yield some surprising results. Learning to describe shape, space and size, and experimenting with fitting things together are all crucial to a child’s early cognitive development. Practising with building and balancing improves problem-solving and fine motor skills, and working with others to achieve a shared goal is a perfect way to teach the benefits of teamwork.

beans&sparks personalised books are designed to engage every child and empower them through the story. The collection is structured using the EASY framework – Emotions, Adventure, Science, creativitY – and Rolling, Shaping, Stacking – Built! is a spectacular science-themed story.

Rating: 3.2/5. From 69 votes.
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