Free Cadbury Creme Egg

Free cadbury creme egg singleWHSmith are giving away FREE Cadbury Creme Eggs via O2 Priority Moments app. To claim your free Creme Egg, you will need to be an O2 customer or have an O2 SIM card. If you’re not with O2, order a free O2 SIM card here and temporarily use it in your current phone (if it’s unlocked) or put it in a spare unlocked phone. Then open or download the free O2 Priority app onto your mobile and search for the deal.

Claim yours for FREE from WH Smith High Street only. Click ‘GET FREEBIE’ to find out more terms and conditions and to search for your nearest store. Open the O2 Priority app and scroll down to find the deal, then either click to ‘Use Now’ or ‘Save for later’. Show the cashier in WH Smith the code on the O2 Priority app and receive your FREE Creme Egg.

Offer not available in WH Smith Travel stores. Subject to strict availability, so be sure to grab yours before they run out. When they’re gone, they’re gone. Please note that you will only have a 2 minute window in which to redeem this offer once you have accepted and revealed your unique code. Please only do this once you have reached the front of the queue to avoid disappointment.

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