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Free Libre Office Suite - Free Microsoft Office AlternativeLibreOffice is a FREE alternative to Microsoft Office. They include Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access programs for you to use. It has 100% compatibility opening, creating and editing Microsoft Office files. Why pay over £120 for Microsoft when LibreOffice works just as well.

To download LibreOffice (Microsoft Office alternative), click ‘get freebie, download the software, and install onto your computer. It works with Windows, Mac and Linux operating system. We have used it for a few years now, and its never let us down.

‘Microsoft Office Home’ currently sells for over £120+. If you can’t afford it or have no way to do your work, then try LibreOffice today.

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  1. Amino says:

    Unfortunately, the compatibility of LibreOffice with Microsoft Office formats is still quite bad in the current version. I tried it out for a few weeks, most
    Word or Excel formatting looks totally weird. I also dislike the clunky interface, and LibreOffice has millions of oddities (e.g. important shortcuts missing, others not compatible with MSO; grammar checker is useless, spell
    checker pathetic; lots of crashes; still troubled by using the Java runtime; etc.)

    I suggest trying out SoftMaker FreeOffice instead, which is not only smaller and faster, but first of all lets you open/save Microsoft Office formats faithfully,
    and is coded very well, never had any issues so far. You may download it free for Linux and Windows from freeoffice dot com

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