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Free Parship Dating Trial AccountParship are a new dating site with over 20,000+ new registered members every week. Sign up for FREE account today and take their free personality test. They’ll find you compatible matches, then it’s up to you to build your relationship. They have a 38% success rate!

To get your free Parship trial account, click ‘get freebie’, fill in your details, take the personality test and see your matches. You’ll be able to browse through your compatible matches based on your interests and hobbies. Let’s hope you find the right person.

The whole process takes up to 10-15 minutes.

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Parship - Register for FREE Account, 3.4 out of 5 based on 8 ratings

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  1. Jonathan says:

    Parship is stealthily taking payments from customers in a deceitful manner by abusing the Continuous Payments Authority system.

    Parship forces all customers to agree to a Continuous Payments Authority when taking out a subscription, and at that time advises customers that automatic renewal will be processed, which is not unusual these days. However, it then makes it very difficult or impossible for customers to cancel the automatic renewal online – in fact I tried to find a way to do this in my early days of membership and couldn’t, so I decided to wait until I received a renewal reminder.

    The scam that Parship operates is to fail to provide a renewal reminder advising customers of their imminent renewal, and to simply take an automatic renewal payment using the Continuous Payments Authority, regardless of the customers’ wishes. No notification is provided to the customer by Parship until AFTER the renewal payment has been taken.

    Once the automatic renewal payment has gone through, customers have no right of cancellation with refund. In fact the Parship T&C small print tells them that if they cancel they forfeit the whole of the full price renewal amount, even though it was taken by Parship without providing a timely renewal reminder.

    Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 a company has a duty to “provide renewal reminders”, which Parship is clearly failing to do.

    It is clear from complaints on the Internet that customers are regularly charged for automatic renewals that they don’t want, yet Parship continues this underhand practice to help fund their business. This is about the principle of doing the right thing, which Parship are most certainly not doing. The business is CHEATING customers by relying on small print T&C and by deliberately not reminding customers just before the time of automatic renewal that Parship is going to take their money.

  2. Zulkifal says:

    I really want free stuff

  3. Zulkifal says:

    It’a like your wining a lottryear

  4. Zulkifal says:

    We really want free stuff for buying stuff

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