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Product testing with Bzz AgentBzzAgent is a product testing company that manages product trial campaigns for the likes of Tesco, Cadbury, Dove, Coca Cola, Garnier and more. Sign up today for FREE and you’ll receive new products in the post. Complete surveys and reviews on the BzzAgent website. The more active and socially active (Facebook and Twitter posts) you are in testing the products and telling friends and family, the more products they send you.

To sign up to test products for free, click ‘GET FREEBIE’ and register for a free account via your email or your Facebook account. Complete as many surveys about yourself as possible first, then you’ll be invited onto projects.

If you are active in writing reports, completing surveys, taking photos, sharing your experiences with friends & family etc then you’ll do really well on their site.

It takes less than two minutes to register. .

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5 Responses to Test Free Products With BzzAgent

  1. Chew Kok says:

    This is not for anybody living in the UK. 🙁

  2. Cacher says:

    Are you inundatd with emails from other companies that have no relevance (spam etc) to testing products ? If I was to sign up.

  3. Anne M Anderson says:

    hi I would love to test products been trying for a while but not heard anything back apart from filling out surveys time and time again and most of all theme are the same

  4. Sharlene says:

    Hi I’ve been trying to try the calpol plugin for kids as my baby suffers from stuffy noise which affects his sleep but everytime I fill out my details I keep getting surveys so haven’t actually tryed any free products why is this

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