Free £30 Amazon Voucher

Free £30 Amazon Voucher

âcasă are giving away FREE £30 Amazon vouchers when you sign up to their bill-splitting service! They set up all your bills and make sure your housemates pay their share automatically each month, making it hassle-free for all involved.

They also make sure that you’re only ever set up with completely green energy providers, so you’re also being kind to the environment. And, if you can believe it, they don’t even charge you any fees for it! Do we smell a win-win situation?

To get this new member offer, click ‘GET FREEBIE’, pop in your post code and click ‘get quote’. Then, just answer a few questions about you, your household and what type of bills you want to split, then enter your email and âcasă will give you a quote for free. Easy.

If you live in a shared household, and are sick of trying to track down your housemates for their share of the bills, then this will be an absolute life-saver.

Rating: 5.0/5. From 4 votes.
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