Become a Tesco Product Tester

Become a Tesco product testerApply to join the Tesco home panel and become a product tester for leading brands in the UK. I’m a member of the product testing panel and have received lots of free products over the last few years including tissue boxes, chocolate, cleaning products and more.

To join the Tesco product testing panel, click ‘get freebie’, fill in the form with all your details, and click ‘submit’.

Please allow a couple of days for Tesco to verify your membership.

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4 Responses to Become a Tesco Product Tester

  1. Rhys Morgan says:

    The tesco site doesn’t like any email address I give it?!?!

  2. Looser says:

    Time wasters, all you’ll ever get is Spam.stay well away !

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