Free Subway Cookie (Worth 69p)

Free Subway CookieSubway are giving away FREE cookies every time you provide feedback on your visit to any store. Give feedback and they will email you a voucher which you take to any subway store to get a free cookie.

To claim your FREE subway cookie, enter 5 digit store number (eg 46141), fill in short survey and print out the voucher to get your free cookie.

Please do not abuse this offer.

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Free Subway Cookie (Worth 69p), 4.0 out of 5 based on 31 ratings

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Visitor Comments

  • Serendipity

    States on voucher that you need to show your ‘original receipt’ with voucher.

    • We used this a few weeks ago without original receipt

      • sophia

        how do you get to do it without a receipt

  • Sophie Hutton Vale

    LatestFreeStuff Admin please tell me how to get the cookie without receipt

  • Dee

    This worked great! Showed no receipt and got my free cookie 🙂

  • Mith

    My friend tried this.. EVERY SINGLE subway in manchester rejected her voucher saying they have no vouchers for such offers and accused her of faking it.

  • maria

    how do u do it without receipt? I don’t have a printer

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