Earn Free £5 Starbucks Vouchers

Get a FREE £5 Starbucks voucher by signing up to Toluna and taking part in their interesting surveys! There are a huge range of topics you can share your opinions on and it’s so easy to get started! Just enter your details to register.

To get signed up click ‘GET FREEBIE’ and ‘sign up’ and follow the instructions. Once you’re all set up you can start taking surveys straight away, earning you rewards like Starbucks vouchers, Love2Shop gift cards and more!

We’d highly recommend this survey site and we’ve seen members receiving over £100 in vouchers over the last few months!

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Earn Free £5 Starbucks Vouchers, 2.9 out of 5 based on 1032 ratings

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13 Responses to Earn Free £5 Starbucks Vouchers

  1. Hosea Stewart says:

    Hi I am Hosea from Jamaica and I would love to know if as a Jamaican is there any space to do these surveys and try out stuff?

    • Nothing seems to work in Jamaica. We are constantly told that there are no servers available for surveys. Online jobs are limited. Jamaicans need to be able to earn from simple online jobs too.

    • Hello Hosea,

      We’re a UK-based freebie site so I’m afraid we don’t know much about survey sites in Jamaica.

      We’d recommend Googling ‘Jamaica paid surveys’ to see what you can find. Sorry we can’t be of more help.


      The Team

  2. Kai says:

    I can vouch for Toluna. They are genuine. I haven’t actually had any products to test from them though because they’re usually not very good (gardening gloves and soap) so I haven’t applied but their surveys pay quite well, I think.

  3. Jay Smith says:

    I used to have a tonula account for years… Never got a thing off them at all. Never had surveys pay me, every time I finish the surveys it says “sorry you do not qualify”.. If I do t qualify why did you make me fill out the whole survey? Never had chance or offered and products to test either..

  4. harrypill says:

    Toluna is a bad site now, i was a member of the site for many years when it was owned and run by the UK company it was good then, it was easy to get points to get your vouchers and you got lots of surveys sent to you to fill in , then it was brought by another company American i think and after that it went down hill , why 1 you had to use your points up before you lost them as they brought in a time limit , 2 the number of surveys you got went down making it hard to get enough points before the time limit kicked in, plus you could send 15 to 20 minutes filling in a survey only to find out your not suitable for that survey and you get booted of it before the end so don’t get any points as you never completed the survey, yes it is possible to get the points but its a whole lot of hard work and time to do so,also they raised the number of points needed to get a voucher, so if you have lots of time and don’t mind repeatedly failing to meet the standard for some surveys you will be ok, i had almost enough points once to get a voucher but when the number of surveys fell and any surveys that kicked you of as you wasn’t suitable for it made it a lot harder to get the points within the time limit before you lost them all ,3 i used to try to get picked for the product testing part and never once was i picked and i was a member for a very long time..

  5. Adrian says:

    I can`t subscribe. When I add country UK, it givess me webpage error

    • Hi Adrian,

      Just signed up ourselves and all was ok, no problem here. Check that all your details have been filled in correctly, password, email, postcode, etc.

      Try again and see how you get along.

  6. Gary says:

    Now earn that additional income online by visiting the website

  7. Ethan says:

    It keeps saying that my account can’t be created. Suggestions?

  8. Harley Quin says:

    Hi, I m based in the UK but it wont accept my UK address, I cant even choose it in the country/state location. Any suggestions?

    • Hi there, it’s working here for us. It may be worth trying from a different internet browser, or an incognito/private window, or try the ‘sign up from Facebook’ option instead?

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