The Top 25 Highest Paid Survey Sites!

The easiest way to make some extra cash from the comfort of your own home is to use survey sites!

You can earn up to £5 per survey for simply sharing your opinions and experiences, as well as by participating in lots of other fun interactive activities, like playing games, testing products and so much more.

It’s very important to make sure you know which are the most trustworthy and rewarding survey sites. To save you time, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the 25 best survey sites.


1) Mingle – Get up to £5 per survey! 

Mingle allows you to influence the society around you. Simply sign up, confirm your email address and participate in online surveys to earn mingle points. You can also test products at home and receive rewards for leaving honest feedback. Once you’ve accrued enough, you can redeem those points into cash or vouchers. They also have a handy mobile app for those who like to earn on the go.

Payout method: Cash, vouchers and product testing opportunities.

Payment per survey: 40p to £5 per survey.

Minimum payout: 2,000 points – £16.



2) Swagbucks – Up to £3 per survey!

Swagbucks is one of the most popular survey sites out there. As so, they regularly post lots of new surveys, rewarding you with SB points (Swagbucks) that you can exchange for cash or gift cards and they’re not just about surveys either; Sign up and you could earn for doing what you already do on the internet, such as shop online, watch entertaining videos, search the web, play games and more.

Payout method: Cash via PayPal and gift cards.

How much can you make per survey? On average £1-3 per survey.

Minimum payout: Depending on the reward, as little as £3.



3) Pinecone Research – Get £3 per survey!

Plus test products for free

Pinecone Research is exclusive and only accepts on an invite-only basis (but don’t worry, click this link and you’re invited by us). This website is fantastic for those who need a bit of extra cash now and again, as once you’ve signed up they’ll send you an email whenever a new one pops up and each survey is generously paid. They also have a great variety of topics to choose from – think music, health and beauty, movies and TV shows, and so much more. They even have some product testing opportunities pop up, where you could be trying all sorts, including beauty and supermarket products.

Payout method: Money, prizes and products to test and keep.

How much can you make per survey? £3 per survey.

Minimum payout: No minimum payout.



4) Maximiles – Test products

This UK survey site gives you points in exchange for your opinions and feedback on surveys as well as for replying to emails and other tasks. Once you accrue enough points, you can redeem them against hundreds of exciting products from their rewards catalogue, including beauty, perfume, clothes, electronics, wine and so much more.

Payout method – Points which can be redeemed for products.

Payment per survey – Varies.

Minimum payout –  Depends on the product.



5) i-Say (IPSOS) – Up to £2 per survey!

If you’re looking for a user-friendly website with a range of interesting surveys, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy i-Say. While they don’t have as many surveys on their website as some others, they also have a helpful loyalty program that lets you earn some extra bonuses for using the website regularly. They also host contents and have a great online community where members connect with others, vote in polls and more.

Payout method: Cash via PayPal and gift cards.

How much can you make per survey? £1 – £2 per survey.

Minimum payout: £10.



6) InboxPounds – Get Paid To Read Emails!

InboxPounds is great for those who love a bit of variation. You will be paid to not only take surveys but also for playing games, reading emails or searching the web. You can also earn points through online shopping.

Payout method: Cash and vouchers.

How much can you make per survey? 20p – £1 per survey.

Minimum payout: £20.



7) LifePoints – Up to £1 per survey!

LifePoints is another popular site for surveys. One of the best things about them is they tend to match your profile and interests with potential surveys. The surveys are simple, fun and usually only take about £15 minutes to complete.

Payout method: Cash via PayPal and gift cards.

How much can you make per survey? £0.50 – £1 per survey.

Minimum payout: £5 per reward.



8) Toluna

If you’re interested in directly influencing companies, products and services, while also being rewarded for your time, then go check out Toluna.

Payout method: Money via PayPal and gift cards.

How much can you make per survey? Varies from 1,200 points – 50,000 points. So you get an idea of how much that is, 80,000 gets you a £15 voucher.

Minimum payout: 27,000 points if you want to withdraw a voucher or 500 if you want to enter a competition.



9) Opinion Outpost – Up to £2.50 per survey

With a payment threshold of as low as £2.50 and each survey paying about 50p, you could be in for some easy money with Opinion Outpost.

Payout method: Money via PayPal, Amazon vouchers and App Store/iTunes vouchers.

How much can you make per survey? Up to £2.50 per survey.

Minimum payout: £2.50.



10) YouGov – Earn up to £50 per survey!

Dubbed one of the most trusted survey sites in the UK, YouGov also has all kinds of survey topics available, ranging from brands and products to current affairs and politics. Sign up, and you’ll become part of a global community of 1.2 million people that encourages the expression of your own views, no matter the subject. The only problem with this website is that the payment threshold is at £50, but we still think that this one is still worth it due to the quality and quantity of surveys available compared to others.

Payout method: Cash and prize draw.

How much can you make per survey? From 50p to £50 per survey.

Minimum payout: £50.



11. PopulusLive – Get up to £2 per survey!

A big player in the online UK survey game, PopulasLive provide stats to the press as well as some current affairs programmes. As it’s so popular, surveys run out quickly so it is incredibly important that you complete your profile fully so that you get as many surveys as possible. The payment threshold is quite high, at £50, so it can take some time to reach this point, however, the surveys are rewarded well so if you’re invested it will be well worth your time.

Payout method: Mainly cash.

Payment per survey: Just under £2 per survey.

Minimum payout: £50.



12) Curious Cat – No minimum payout! 

This one’s an app – you can download it on iOS and Android phones. Once you’ve got it, fill out a quick profile survey and start completing tasks to earn Cat points! You can then redeem these for cash once you hit 100 points. We love this one, as you can do it on your phone in your spare time like on the bus or waiting for an appointment!

Payout method: Cold, hard cash via PayPal.

How much can you make per survey? Minimum 50p per survey.

Minimum payout: £1.



13) Panel Opinion – Up to £4 per survey! 

A great and popular survey site, Panel Opinion is perfect for anyone who wants no-nonsense surveys and easy cash in their pocket, with surveys taking around 10-15 minutes and paying up to £4 a pop.

Payout method: Cash.

How much can you make per survey? 50p – £4 per survey.

Minimum payout: £10.



14) PanelBase – Up to £10 per survey

While they always have lots of surveys available, they only send you the ones that they think you’ll like. They let you share your opinions on brands, products and services as well as topical issues – whatever you’re interested in, really. They also invite members to take part in mobile surveys, telephone surveys, focus groups and product testing, so you’ll never get bored. Sign up now for a £3 welcome bonus.

Payout method: Money, prizes and vouchers.

How much can you make per survey? Around £1.50 per survey, but can go up to £10 per survey.

Minimum payout: £10.


15) Hiving – Get 50p per survey! 

While home to a fantastic variety of them from a whole host of leading brands, Hiving is not exclusively about surveys. It’s also a fun website where you can join in with their online community and get involved in lotteries, raffles, competitions and quizzes. They also have a generous referral programme where you can earn rewards when your invited friends participate in surveys. You can also try and keep exciting new products in exchange for honest feedback.

Payout method: Money, prizes and products to test and keep.

How much can you make per survey?  On average, 50p a pop.

Minimum payout: £4.



16) Survey Bods – Up to £3 per survey! 

This is a trusted site that works with top brands to bring you fun, easy surveys that take around 10 minutes are generously paid. It’s important to complete your profile and be honest when completing all surveys, as they have a 3 strike system for bad surveys.

Payout method: Amazon vouchers, money and prize draws.

Payment per survey: 50p – £3 per survey.

Minimum payout: £15.



17) Prolific Academic – £1 per survey! 

This one is a high-end survey site that provides high-quality data for various academics and other researchers at top companies and universities. This means that it’s important for you to give quality responses to surveys in order to get a high score – if you fall below a specific level, you may be screened out of lots of good surveys. However, this website has great rewards and can often pay up to £10.

Payout method: Money.

Payment per survey: £1 – £10 per survey.

Minimum payout: £20.



18) OpinionPanel Community – Up to £4 per survey! 

Another strong candidate as one of the most popular survey sites out there, The OpinionPanel Community is a great choice for anyone starting out in the survey game and will even reward you with a tenner for joining, but please be aware they only recruit those aged 13 – 30. Each survey is rewarded generously (sometimes even up to £4) and take up just a fraction of your time – around 10 – 15 minutes. They’ll even reward you with £50 via PayPal for any face to face or online discussions and give you £10 just for signing up.

Payout method: Cash.

Payment per survey: 50p – £4 per survey.

Minimum payout: £10.



19) Branded Surveys 

Branded Surveys always have lots of fantastic surveys available, making this a very popular site. Their website is user friendly, fast paying and also gives you juicy rewards for referring friends, including a system where you get a percentage of whatever they earn.

Payout method: Cash and gift cards.

Payment per survey: Varies a lot.

Minimum payout: $10.



20) New Vista Live – £1 per survey!

With surveys paying around £1 and being about 15 minutes each, you can easily earn about £4 an hour with NewVista Live. However, please be aware that it takes some people quite some time to reach the £50 threshold, but because they’re quite generous with their payments, members find that it’s worth it in the end.

Payout method: Cash and prize draws.

Payment per survey: On average, £1 per survey.

Minimum payout: £50.



21) iPoll – Lots of survey sites per 40 per

A very easy to use survey site, with their own app to boot, iPoll is a great way to be rewarded for sharing your opinions on a variety of topics.

Payout method: Cash, magazine subscriptions and vouchers.

Payment per survey: 40p – £1.70.

Minimum payout: £20.



22) Valued Opinions – Up to £5 per survey

Make sure to complete your profile properly, as Value Opinions work by sending out online surveys to members who match various demographics. Surveys take about 10 – 30minutes each and pay around £1 – £5 each, so you could easily make £10 in one hour.

Payout method: Cash, magazine subscriptions and vouchers.

Payment per survey: £1 – £5.

Minimum payout: £10.



23) Prize Rebel – Get up to £60 per test!

Prize Rebel reward you for completing all sorts of tasks as well as taking part in market research surveys and completing offers. They have all kinds of surveys so make sure to have a little explore of the website – just make sure to check the Gold Surveys section to get the most out of this site. They have a handy app so you can survey on the go and pay each completed survey generously.

Payout method: Cash or gift cards.

Payment per survey: $2 – $75.

Minimum payout: Varies.



24) Crowdology – Up to £10 per survey!

This very popular survey site pays cash with a low payment threshold of only £4. You can get up to £10 for every survey of yours that you complete, and they’re quick (2 – 15 minutes), meaning they easily fit into your day.

Payout method: Money via PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards.

Payment per survey: 40p – £10.

Minimum payout: £4.



25) OnePoll

OnePoll is an excellent choice for anyone who likes quick, fun surveys, with the average length being about 3 minutes. You will need to come back every day to check for new surveys and gradually earn enough to meet the £40 threshold.

Payout method: Cash via BACs or PayPal.

How much can you make per survey? On average, 10p – £1 per survey.

Minimum payout: £40.



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