Top Tips for Winning Competitions

The art of consistently entering competitions (or ‘comping’ as it’s known to the professionals) may seem simple, but there is certainly a skill to it that can be honed with time and experience. Latest Free Stuff has started its own Facebook group dedicated to finding the best competitions for you to enter, so join now to get in on all the latest comping action! If you are new to the world of online competitions, we’ll give you the rundown of all the key tips, tricks and secrets that can help you on your journey to becoming an expert comper!


1. Set up a Comping Email Account

This may sound excessive for the sake of entering just a few competitions now and then, but for the sake of your inbox, you should definitely create an account dedicated solely to comping. Once you start entering competitions, you will likely be flooded with newsletters, promotional offers and other content that you don’t necessarily want mixed up with your important personal emails. Having your separate inbox will allow you to rifle through quickly for winning emails, and then quickly discard the rest without worrying that you’ll miss an important message. Be sure to give your spam folder a quick look every now and then – it is easy for things to get caught in there! If you want to be super-savvy, you can even go into your email settings and create filters to sort out emails that contain the words ‘winner’ or ‘congratulations’ in the subject line. This will allow you to quickly see what competitions you’ve won rather than rifling through an inbox full of other stuff.


2. Go for the Tough Competitions

It might seem like an odd tip, but entering the more complicated or laborious competitions can actually be the easiest way to win. Think about it – the easy, ‘enter your email for a chance to win’ competition is simple and quick, but think of how many people have also entered because of how simple and quick it is? Whereas competitions that require a bit more work (uploading a picture, answering a question, etc.) tend to be less popular and therefore easier to win. It may take more time, but you are increasing your chances of winning when you opt for these competitions.


3. Don’t hand over your Details or Money

When it comes to comping, no one wants to be taken for a ride – that’s why you should never give over any of your bank details when you’re entering competitions. Genuine competitions run by reputable companies should always be free to enter. Some competitions like those on Whiskey Club work like a raffle, where you buy tickets and are entered into a draw. Perhaps this is worth it for one prize that you would really love to win, but generally, it is best to stick with the competitions that are free. This way, you won’t feel like you have lost out on anything if you don’t win! 

4. Engage with the Brand

It is all well and good entering every competition under the sun, but as comping becomes more and more popular, brands are becoming increasingly aware of individuals who only engage with their competition posts and nothing else. When choosing a winner for their competitions, brands often want to reward loyal customers, as opposed to professional compers. To increase your chances of winning, put in the extra effort and make sure you interact with the brand when you sign up for their competitions. For example, if you’re entering a competition on a brand’s Instagram page, make sure you interact with their earlier posts and engage as a consumer, perhaps telling them what products of theirs you like or how much you would love to try something else by them. Essentially, try to look like a real fan of their brand, not just someone trying to win their competition!


5. Join plenty of Groups

Comping, like any other hobby, has plenty of passionate and thriving communities, so make the most of them! Join as many Facebook groups or online forums as you can – this way, you’ll hear about so many new competitions without having to do all the legwork yourself, plus you can share your wins with other enthusiasts. Some forums charge a fee to allow you to access their roundups of competitions – it is up to you whether you want to pay these fees, but it’s worth emphasising that there are plenty of free groups that can keep you up to date with the latest comps for no cost.

6. Most Importantly, Have Fun!

When entering competitions, even relatively small ones, the chances of winning are always slim. That is why it should always be a fun thing to partake in when you have some spare time, rather than a full-time way of making money or earning a living. On the whole, you might not be a winner too often. However, when you do win, it makes all the hours of sitting at your laptop worth it!

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